How to Apply for Financial Aid On Coursera (with Sample)

Coursera is one of the most popular online learning platforms, offering a wide variety of courses from top universities, companies, and experts.

While many of these courses are free, some do require payment. If you can’t afford to pay for a course, you can apply for financial aid.

Who is Eligible for Coursera Financial Aid?

Financial aid is available to learners who demonstrate financial need and are unable to afford the cost of a course. Your financial aid application will be reviewed by Coursera within 16 days. To be eligible, you must:

  • Not be currently enrolled in a degree program at the university offering the course
  • Not have received financial aid for the same course in the past

How to Apply for Financial Aid on Coursera

1. Find the course you’re interested in and click on “Financial aid available”.

Log in to the Coursera site or app, search for the course you’re interested in, and click on the “Financial aid available” link.

It’s important to note that you should not click on the “Enroll for free” button, as you won’t be able to apply for financial aid on that particular course if you click on enroll. 

Instead, make sure to specifically click on the “Financial aid available” link to begin the application process.

2. Click on “continue to the application” button

A pop-up will appear stating that the applications may take up to 16 days to be reviewed. Click on the “Continue to the application” button to proceed.

3. Fill in the required details

Once you have clicked on “continue to the application,” you will requested to fill in your education, annual income, employment status, and reason for the financial aids. 

Tips on What to fill in the “Reason for the Financial Aid”

  • Tell them about your Financial condition and what background you belong to.
  • Your Goal and how this course will help u achieve it.
  • Highlight the impact that receiving financial aid would have on your ability to access quality opportunities.
  • It’s important to be honest and transparent, providing a clear and sincere explanation.
  • Make sure your application meets the minimum word count (150 words).

Sample 1

“I am writing to request financial aid for the Project Management course that I am eager to enroll in. As a specialist in the digital marketing field, I believe that obtaining this certification will greatly benefit my career and provide me with a competitive advantage in the job market.

Project management experts play a crucial role in every organization, and their skills are in high demand. By acquiring the knowledge and expertise in project management, I will be able to enhance my ability to effectively carry out projects in the digital marketing field. Additionally, this certification will position me for potential management roles, allowing me to take on more leadership responsibilities and contribute to the success of any organization.

The financial aid will greatly help me in achieving my career goals in the future and also help me in eventually supporting people who intend to pursue a career in project management.”

Sample 2

“I’m pursuing a BSc. Computer Science from University of Ibadan. I want to complete the course as I found the course helpful for my career and also so that I can put together a good CV to apply for a job. This course will boost my job prospects after graduation from University. It will help me perform better in my career as a Data Scientist and give me an edge over my competitors. A verified certificate will attach credibility to the certificate I receive from this course. Completing this course will boost my self-confidence, knowing that I not only completed a very important task but also took the responsibility of creating a foundation for getting me closer to my career goals. Also, I intend to participate in Discussion Forums, which I have found to supplement my learning immensely. I also plan to grade assignments, which are peer-reviewed, which I believe will be an invaluable learning opportunity.”

4. Click on the confirmation button

To confirm the information you’ve filled, click on the checked button, and then proceed to the next step by clicking on the next button.

5. Proceed to fill in the remaining details

You will be asked about the amount you can afford to pay for your chosen course, how your chosen course will contribute to your goals, and the terms of the agreement.

Sample 1

The “Foundations of Project Management” course is the first module of the Google Project Management certification and will play a pivotal role in helping me achieve my career goals. The course will position me for potential management roles, allowing me to take on more responsibility and contribute to the strategic direction and success of my organization. This will ultimately align with my long-term career aspirations and provide me with the opportunity to make a greater impact in the digital marketing industry. The program, designed and delivered by Google experts, ensures that I will receive top-notch knowledge and skills essential for success in project management. This will not only benefit my career but also enable me to share my expertise with others. Receiving financial aid for this course will significantly contribute to achieving my career goals and will ultimately enable me to support others who are interested in pursuing a career in project management. This course is a crucial step toward my professional development and will provide me with the necessary skills and credentials to excel in the field of project management.

Sample 2

The “Foundations of Machine Learning and Data Science” course is the first module of the Google Project Management certification and will play a pivotal role in helping me achieve my career goals.

It is no doubt that Machine Learning opens up lots of opportunities for one’s career. 

I plan to use this course to improve my knowledge about the fundamentals of Machine Learning and Data Science. I plan to eventually specialise in Deep Learning after having learnt and practiced the basics well enough. I read that this course also includes several practice assignments and a project, doing which would be immensely beneficial to the improvement of my practical skills in this area.

Completing this course would also provide me the confidence to dive deep into data science and take on further challenging assignments. All of this would greatly help me in achieving my career goals in future and also help me in eventually getting a data science job.

6. Click the “terms & conditions” and fill the agreement.

To submit the information you’ve filled in, click on the checkbox, enter the agreement terms, click the reCAPTCHA button, and then review your details before submitting.

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